Reduce risk, protect titled assets and increase revenue.

Motor vehicles fraud continues to rise as scammers continue to take advantage of the old, antiquated vehicle monitoring systems. Get it touch today to see how we can prevent vehicle title fraud.

We want to reduce title fraud one vehicle at a time.

For organizations that are dissatisfied with the havoc that title fraud wrecks on their bottom line, our software offers an inter-state active vehicle VIN title monitoring service that reduces title fraud.

Unlike today's disconnected state-by-state motor vehicle administration systems, our solution provides organizations a way to protect their customers' assets from vehicle title fraud while generating a new stream of income.

How It Works

After a vehicle has been financed with your financial institution.


Provide us with your VIN's

Once your customer finances their vehicle with you, you provide us with the VIN's that you wish to track.


Title Alarm gets into the job!

Within 48 hours, Title Alarm monitors the assets of your customers (VIN's and Titles). We'll proactively look for changes in motor vehicle titles, in all states every 48 hours.


Get Proactive Notifications!

Every 48 hours, if any changes occur in the title within any state, your team will be notified immediately so that you can take action.


Take Action!

Now that you have been armed with the data that Title Alarm has provided, you can work with your legal team and the state to validate the title.

Who We Serve

We serve everyone who has financed vehicles!

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Who We Are


We are a vehicle title monitoring service committed to protect consumers and companies from falling victims to an often invisible crime, vehicle title fraud.

Within 48 hours, we monitor all titles of your vehicle in all states and notify you!

By integrating data from multiple systems, we can enable companies with faster access to fraud detection information when motor vehicle title changes occur so that asset protection measures can be taken swiftly.

In addition to quick fraud detection, title monitoring service may be another stream of revenue for finance companies, insurance companies, manufacturers, and large private fleets.


Apply Today!

Our program is currently accepting beta partners for a limited time. To see if your organization qualifies for access to our title monitoring service, please provide your contact information.

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