Our Mission
Reduce Motor Vehicle Fraud One Vehicle at a Time

About Title Alarm

Our team shares a common goal to reduce fraud and maybe one day make it so hard to commit vehicle fraud, the fraudsters move on or even better use their innovative tactics to do good, not bad.

We are motivated when we see new trends happening.  

We get excited when we uncover new fraud strategies.  

We are not your normal team. We think differently because we have to.  

We are excited to be in the forefront of such a big problem and we are ready for the challenge that's in front of us.

Collectively we bring decades of expertise together, we rely on dozens of strategic advisors and sharp minds to help us navigate this world. 

Here is our awesome team

Bethanie has been complex solving problems with technology for decades. Bethanie partners with clients to ensure their success.

Bethanie Nonami


Damion has been a serial entrepreneur since 1999. Damion provides client insight to fraud that is happening that you know about and more importantly the fraud you aren't yet aware of.

Damion Nonami


Charles is our builder, engineer, and makes sure the tech is stable, consistent, and scalable. Charles is the guy you call when you want to build something that seems impossible.

Charles Curry


Ed has spent most of his career in forensic accounting and analyzing volumes of complex data. Ed works with our law enforcement partners and data to identify trends and possible risks.

Ed Morrow