Reduce Risk, Protect Titled Assets, and Increase Revenue  

Reducing Title Fraud One Title at a Time

For organizations that are dissatisfied with the havoc that title fraud wrecks on their bottom line.

Our software offers an inter-state rapid title monitoring service that reduces title fraud.

Unlike today's disconnected state-by-state motor vehicle administrations, our solution provides organizations a new stream of revenue while protecting their customers' assets from title fraud.


How We Work

Register VIN

Tell us the VIN you want to monitor. 

We Monitor VIN

We will actively monitor your VIN. 

Save Time & Money

If anything changes, you will be notified so you can take action 

Who We Serve

Finance Companies

Increase revenue, reduce expenses, and risk for every new loan you underwrite.


Increase revenue and visibility to the collateral you've agreed to finance.

Insurance Agencies

Provide a value added service to help protect your client's from fraud and theft of their assets.


Our vehicles are our 2nd most substantial investments in our lives. They should be better protected.

Who Are We

Mission: To protect consumers and companies from falling victims to, an often invisible crime, vehicle title fraud.

  • Our team is dedicated to protecting the consumer’s second largest investment, their vehicle. Vehicle title fraud is often hard to detect, as a consumer, and costs companies hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

  • By integrating data from multiple systems, we can enable companies with faster access to fraud detection information when titles changes occur so that asset protection measures can be taken swiftly.

  • In addition to quick fraud detection, title monitoring service may be another stream of revenue for finance companies, insurance companies, manufacturers, and large private fleets.

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To see if your organization qualifies for access to our title monitoring service, provide your contact information below. This program is under development and limited beta access will be limited to one organization from each industry. 

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